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 ~GS Quest Help~

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~GS Quest Help~ Empty
PostSubject: ~GS Quest Help~   ~GS Quest Help~ EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 5:56 pm

Hai Guildies! Shocked This is your friendly neighborhood Ketri here. study
I'm offering FREE help with the GS[Goddess Skill] Quest. I have a fully capable team and it's a very short quest. Just be sure you've done the pre-quest beforehand.
Like a Star @ heaven Rides are free.
Like a Star @ heaven Doesn't matter how many times you spawn, I'll help you finish.
Like a Star @ heaven It takes five stars to get the skill but you don't need to have them at the time of the fight. You can always come back and get the skill later.
Like a Star @ heaven Just mail/message/whisper Auraleis or Ketri if you'd like help. Usually on G1. Or you can always use guild chat.

Well, that's about it. Razz I'll post a link later to a guide about the pre-quest for the GS quest.
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~GS Quest Help~
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